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Bingo Ballance - Screwed in Revolt!

By ccwwebsite, Jun 2 2017 11:54PM

“The Zenith of Zero Gravity” Bingo Ballance cemented his name in the CCW History books, when he won a tournament at the inaugural Revolution event to became the first ever Celtic Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. As great as this accomplishment was, it was a win that was shrouded in controversy and seemed to engulf Ballance in a vicious cycle that he seems unable to escape to this day. So let’s explore Bingo Ballance’s storied history at CCW Revolution.


At the first Revolution event in 2013 Bingo Ballance shocked the CCW audience when he destroyed his competition to become the very first Heavyweight Champion is CCW, but what happened after the match left the fans talking for a long time. As Ballance was announced as the winner, much to the joy of the CCW audience, Vic Viper looked on in disgust. As Ballance was to be presented with the -yet to be unveiled- Championship belt, The Snakeman Vic Viper saw his chance to strike. He swiped the belt, and ran, leaving Bingo Ballance to celebrate his win without the Championship Belt, thus stealing a moment of celebration from Ballance and the fans in attendance. Despite the obvious accolades and historic relevance of winning this tournament, one can’t help but feel that this characteristically sneaky move from Viper grossly undercut the joy and celebration that such a win should have brought to Bingo Ballance and indeed his fans.

This event very much left a bad taste in the mouth of the Heavyweight Champion, but as we know, Bingo Ballance is not one to go don with out a fight. This incident lead to a match between Ballance & Viper at CCW Summerbrawl, and Ballance finally vanquished The Snakeman, proving to the audience that Bingo truly was The Man in CCW. However, the Summerbrawl victory came with it’s own controversy. After the match, an altercation occurred between Ballance and Ross Browne, a former wrestler and RTE personality , who was at the event. This brief bust up between the two lead to a match that saw Ballance lose the Championship and leave Celtic Championship Wrestling.

For close to 2 years the CCW audience were left wondering “Where is Bingo Ballance?”. It seemed unfair that a wrestler that they loved so much, who had so much heart as a Champion, was just gone.


Then he returned. The return of Bingo Ballance was a delight to the CCW audience, and it wasn’t long until he set his sights on what he felt was rightfully his, The CCW Heavyweight Championship.

In the absence of Bingo Ballance a new star had risen to the top of CCW. A man who, like Ballance before him, the fans could really get behind. This man was “The Lone Wolf” Lycan.

Lycan had been involved in a bitter feud with CCW Chairman Lee Cahalane for over a year. The audience hated Cahalane and loved Lycan, so this feud made for spectacular viewing.

At Revolution 3, Bingo Ballance found himself caught in the middle of this, as he went face to face with Lycan for the CCW Heavyweight Championship.

This was a match fans were crying out to see; a CCW Dream Match. No matter who won the fans knew that they would be happy. If Lycan won, they felt it was well earned, he has jumped over every obstacle that the sadistic Chairman has thrown in his way and if Ballance won then they saw the comeback of the year. The CCW audience were ready to watch this history making match.

As the match went on the two seemed very evenly match, with the crowd cheering both competitors on. Lee Cahalane chose to be the guest commentator for this event, and he seemed very much in favour of a Bingo Ballance win, that is, until he wasn’t. With the referee out of action Cahalane hit the ring and he and Lycan started to attack Bingo, eventually costing him the match. This attack then lead to the creation of CCW’s most feared group, The Establishment. Once again, it seemed as if Bingo Ballance’s hopes and dreams had been smashed at Revolution.

With The Establishment and Lee Cahalane in his way, it seemed impossible for Bingo Ballance to become a possible contender for the CCW Heavyweight Championship, so Balance set his sights on another prize; The All-Star Championship. This was at the time held by Karl Brien. Bingo defeated Karl Brien to become the first person to hold both Championships and it seemed he was doing well, until Marion Armstrong became the number 1 contender for Ballance’s All-Star Championship. Armstrong was a man with a newly found vicious streak and he seemed hell bent on playing mind games with The Zenith of Zero Gravity. When the two finally met in the ring, Armstrong put a heavy beating on Ballance, but Ballance came out with the victory and the All-Star Championship. However, The Establishment were waiting in the wings to strike at the most opportune moment. After the match, as Ballance celebrated, it was announced that Bingo would have to defend hi title again that night,, this time against The Establishment’s Xavier Burns. As the match went on, Armstrong interfered, hitting Ballance with a spear, and costing him The All-Star Championship.


Bingo Ballance Vs. Omega Vs. Xavier Burns(champion). Ballance had chance to right the wrong that had been done to him, and finally win the Gold at Revolution. Before the event a very subdued and emotional Marion Armstrong addressed the audience, informing them that he had been injured in a ladder match and as result had to retire from Wrestling, he announced that from now on he could be found at the commentators booth. As Ballance made his entrance at Revolution he addressed this with a respectful nod in the direction of his former foe. The match kicked off at a fast pace and continued as such, to the delight of the CCW crowd. The crowd very much behind Ballance, as they had been at previous Revolution events. The audience rose to their feet as it seemed Ballance was about to reclaim the All-Star Championship and spit in the face of his unlucky streak at Revolution. But, just as the referee was about to count to 3, Marion Armstrong pulled Ballance out of the ring and attacked him viciously with a chair, costing him the match and indeed the Championship belt. It seems Armstrong had been once again playing mind games with Ballance and the CCW audience in an attempt to catch the off guard. Once again Bingo Ballance was crewed at Revolution.

At Revolution 5 Bingo Ballance fights for the CCW Heavweight Championship. The events of the past playing heavily on his mind. Can Bingo leave the past in the past, overcome the odds and break his curse at Revolution? Or will he be trapped in this vicious cycle forever?

Get your tickets NOW to find out, as Bingo Ballance , Bruiser and The Champion, “Pastor” William Eaver, go to war at Revolution .

Celtic Championship Wrestling returns to where it all began and presents the fifth annual Revolution. This is the biggest event of the year suitable for the entire family and all ages.

See all your favourite CCW Stars including CCW heavyweight Champion Pastor William Eaver, Ricky Combat, Bruiser, The Establishment, Bingo Ballance, The Wood Bros, The CCW All-Star Champion Danny ''The Beast'' Butler and many more.

Doors Open 6:30pm, Show starts at 7pm.

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