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The Celtic Corner

The Road to Revolution V

By ccwwebsite, May 23 2017 11:13PM

Celtic Championship Wresting has gone from strength to strength over the past half a decade. What began as an idea in the mind of West Cork Promoter Lee Cahalane over 5 years ago has grown to a well known and well respected juggernaut of Irish wrestling and a company capable of tackling two very different demographics; The fun filled, family friendly shows cater to a younger audience and recently the more in your face, edgier CCW Riot has firmly grabbed the over 18’s market by the proverbial “cojones”, with it’s hardcore style and smash mouth approach.

Revolution 5 will bring CCW back to where the movement began, The Bishopstown GAA hall. The very same place where Celtic Championship Wrestling held it’s inaugural event. Since this first show CCW has captivated audiences all over the County and beyond, with it’s approach to the art of Pro Wrestling. CCW as a company takes it’s cue from it’s American counterparts as it focuses on the story telling element of this great business, much to the delight of the crowd. The vein of thought very much being that “people will come for the wrestling, but will stay for the stories”; almost as if the audience were watching a soap opera, with added athleticism and physical bouts.

Since it’s conception CCW has had many tremendous wrestlers pass through it’s doors, from all over the world as well as heavily featuring home grown talent from Ireland. CCW even set up the CCW Pro Wrestling Academy which hold classes three times a week( Tues, Thurs and Saturday at 4-5 Penrose Quay), in an attempt to build the brand locally and give back to the wrestling community in Cork City. The CCW Academy has spawned many of CCW’s most recognisable stars, most notably Ricky Combat, a fan favourite who has gone toe to toe with some of the best wrestlers in the World including Ireland’s Jordan Devlin and England’s Joseph Conners, who have recently wrestled for Global wrestling super-company the WWE. The academy has also been known to have guest trainers of very hight notoriety, including WWE’s Finn Balor, TNA’s Doug Williams and NXT and NJPW star CJ Parker(aka Juice Robinson).

Returning to The Bishopstown GAA hall is almost poetic for Celtic Championship Wrestling, as they come back to where it all began as conquering heroes, who have done what they set out to do. The audience and shows have evolved and grown as the years have passed. Whether it be the family friendly or over 18’s events, the fans know that CCW will always go above and beyond to provide those in attendance with a phenomenal nights entertainment, as the audience are encouraged to cheer, boo and chant until their voice goes hoarse. The audience are very much a part of the show and indeed a vital part of it.

The very first Revolution event took place in the Bishopstown GAA hall 5 years ago, and since then CCW has started exactly that here among the wrestling fans in Cork, a Revolution. The idea born in Cahalane’s mind, an idea many people felt would fail or fizzle out, has very much come to fruition and the wrestling fans here in Cork couldn’t be happier.

The main event of Revolution 5 has been announced and it is set to tear the roof off the GAA hall in Bishopstown. The CCW Heavyweight Champion “Pastor” William Eaver will defend his championship against the loud mouth & loveable lout, From Ballymun, known only as “ The Bruiser” and “The Zenith of Zero Gravity” himself, Bingo Ballance. This is a match steeped in CCW history, with both contenders being former CCW champions in their own right. In fact it was at the very first Revolution event that Bingo Ballance became the very first CCW Heavyweight Champion. Also appearing on the night are the All-Star Champion Danny “The Beast” Butler, Ricky Combat, The Establishment, Raven Creed, The Tag team champions The Wood Bros, and many more.

Celtic Championship Wrestling returns to where it all began and presents the fifth annual Revolution. This is the biggest event of the year suitable for the entire family and all ages.

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